Tao Qigong
Energy in Motion

Learn transformative skills
  • of ancient Taoist practices  
  • for a calm state of mind
  • for new vitality

Feeling Tired?      Low on Energy?     Lack of Motivation?   Recharge with Tao Qigong...

Learn Qigong online, in-person seminars and in individual lessons

Gain Vitality, more Energy and balanced Emotions

Tao Qigong - the foundation

Learning Qigong can help you feel, move and work with energy in your body.

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Rejuvenating Qigong for Women

The Chinese healing art of Qigong has been a source of health and longevity for women for thousands of years.

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Medical Qigong

These exercises stimulating the flow of energy in the meridians and the vital organs.

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Taoyin Yoga

A Chinese answer to western physiotherapy to achieve a healthy structure in the back

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Welcome, I am Gabrielle, the founder of Tao Motion and
I am delighted to share this wonderful, awe-inspiring healing system with you.
Tao Motion offers ancient, time-proofed exercises and new ways of mindset for a healthy, relaxed life today.

We live in a world where computers increasingly take over our lives. We get disconnected from our body, our lives accelerate to such an extent that we cannot cope. Concerns like stress, anxiety, pain, low energy, and hormonal issues can be exhausting.

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