Victor, Auckland, New Zealand
Shiatsu Teacher

"When a student is ready, the teacher will appear...It is not always easy to learn from books. The life force of another being needs to be present to channel words into life, and Gabrielle walks the Tao so graciously imparting her knowledge & wisdom so freely. I would recommend to make an opportunity to taste it yourself!"

Julienne, Waiheke Island, New Zealand
Television Director

"What I appreciate about Gabrielle's classes and teachings is accessibility. She creates an atmosphere of ease and fun which makes the complex information and practices easy to understand and absorb. Gabrielle is a relaxed and supportive teacher. Learning is not only painless with Gabrielle, it is an inspirational and long experience."

Lee, Amberley, New Zealand
Qigong Teacher

"Gabrielle is a wonderful teacher. She embodies the teachings with her clarity, lightness and strength. Working with her has transformed my health and energy in many ways in one year, and I am fascinated to see what will happen in the future."

U. Salzer, New Zealand

"Kia ora, I have attended several of Gabrielle’s retreats and ongoing classes. They always leave me with a sense of well being, calm and joy. Gabrielle is an excellent and experienced teacher. She teaches with ease, her instructions are clear and easy to follow. Gabrielle's classes are well prepared, organised and well paced. I do enjoy the balance of relaxation, stimulation and fun, and can highly recommend Gabrielle’s classes and retreats."

G. Huygens, New Zealand
Physio Therapist and Pilates Teacher

"I fully recommend trying out any of Gabrielle's wonderful workshops and retreats, especially the longer ones. Over 5 days of learning Kan and Li we also covered many amazing practices including the Healing Sounds, Tao Yin and Iron Shirt Qigong. Gabrielle's teaching is very special. It is very thorough and well paced, so it is easy to follow but also goes very deep. The complex practices are done gently and profoundly and become easy to understand and experience. For me the 5 days of Kan and Li seemed like a subtle/gentle practice at the time but I have noticed that in the weeks since that so much has changed effortlessly about my internal awareness of breathing, posture and alignment of pelvis/ spine/ribs on a physical level. I notice Qigong exercises that I do regularly feel quite different and my whole body feels more connected and balanced."

Lara, North Shore, Auckland

"This has changed my life! Given me a new ease on life..My health has improved and I feel more inner strength...There is never any pressure to do things, but an atmosphere of learning that makes me feel I can do this. I would recommend this course to any one wanting more from life."