Victor, Auckland, New Zealand

"When a student is ready, the teacher will appear...It is not always easy to learn from books. The life force of another being needs to be present to channel words into life, and Gabrielle walks the Tao so graciously imparting her knowledge & wisdom so freely. I would recommend to make an opportunity to taste it yourself!" Victor, Auckland

Julienne, Waiheke Island, New Zealand
Television Director

"What I appreciate about Gabrielle's classes and teachings is accessibility. She creates an atmosphere of ease and fun which makes the complex information and practices easy to understand and absorb. Gabrielle is a relaxed and supportive teacher. Learning is not only painless with Gabrielle, it is an inspirational and long experience." Julienne, Television Director

Elayne, Nelson, New Zealand
Aromatherapist, Teacher & Energy-balancer

"The course is very inspiring and a joy to attend....As a body worker & facilitator of growth for other people the chi kung (=Qigong) & meditations have had a huge influence of my own personal growth..... my body has become more supple, stronger & relaxed and I have a deeper understanding of my body." Elayne Aromatherapist, Teacher & Energy-balancer, Nelson 2012

Lee, Amberley, New Zealand

"Gabrielle is a wonderful teacher. She embodies the teachings with her clarity, lightness and strength. Working with her has transformed my health and energy in many ways in one year, and I am fascinated to see what will happen in the future." Lee, Canterbury

Sibylla, Waiheke Island
Holistic Body & Breath Therapist

"Gabrielle is an extraordinary teacher and a kind and humorous person. Her clarity comes from what I believe not only understanding the teachings of the Tao but from an in depth practice and daily living the Tao way. As a German, living in New Zealand since 10 years I felt privileged and honored to have been taught by one of the finest and excellent teachers my country of birth has to offer. I am encouraged and feel confident passing on the valuable gifts I have learned from her." Sibylla, 42 years, Holistic Body & Breath Therapist, Waiheke Island

Lyndy, Nelson, New Zealand

"I love Universal Healing Tao Qigong. Gabrielle is a wonderful teacher, giving clear easy to follow exercises, delivered with patience and playfulness. Creating my centre has given me a new awareness of my body, my inner country. These practices have helped me to rejuvenate my whole body deeply nourishing the cells creating more vitality and at the same time feeling grounded and calm. I have found improvement in my health,my relationships and spiritual practice, changing how I see myself and my world around me." Lyndy, Nelson (58 years) 2013

Julia, Auckland, New Zealand
NLP Trainer

"Every time we want to learn something new or get professional help with something, we look for the best, for experts in a particular field. So, if you want to learn Tao and incorporate it into your life, and then share it with others - Gabrielle is that very expert that you can be sure to learn the best from. As soon as I stepped into this training, I felt immersed in her energy and joy that she emits every second of being with us.....experience you take into the rest of your life." Julia, NLP Trainer, Auckland

Lara, Canterbury, New Zealand

"This has changed my life! Given me a new ease on life..My health has improved and I feel more inner strength...There is never any pressure to do things, but an atmosphere of learning that makes me feel I can do this. I would recommend this course to any one wanting more from life." Lara , South Island