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3 x Saturdays from 11am-12pm (New Zealand time) Each Saturday introduces a different set of Tao Qigong. You will get access to the recording for 4 weeks

  • Date: 8/06/2024 11:00 AM - 8/06/2024 12:00 PM
  • Location Online Event


Tao Qigong Online Live course - Relax and Refresh Body and Mind

 3 x Saturdays 11am-12pm  - the videos of the first two live online classes are available. You can still get access to the recording.

The last class is on 8th June 

Create a foundation of health and well-being

Learn Tao Qigong online: 

These ancient self-healing techniques bolster vitality, promoting internal equilibrium and mental clarity. 

The exercises can dispel stagnation and eliminate blockages within our emotions, bodies, and minds. They contribute to fortifying the immune system, harmonising the hormone system, and invigorating and reinforcing our overall well-being.

The body inherently possesses all the necessary elements for self-healing; Tao Qigong can reactivate this innate energy within us.

This Tao Qigong course is perfect for practitioners of all levels and is a great opportunity to start practicing Qigong or build upon your existing practice.

Different themes will be included:

🌿 Strengthen the immune system
🌿 Refreshing the brain and supporting clarity
🌿 The "Orbit of Vitality" - the Cosmic Orbit
🌿 Tao Breathing exercises
🌿 The Inner Smile & Softening Heart Qigong

This is what awaits you in this Tao Qigong course:

  • We start with a 10-15 minute Qigong warm-up sequence 
  • In each 60-minute class we practice an "easy-to-follow" Qigong sequence. 
  • In the 4-month term you learn Taoist Breathing and "Moving-in-Energy" exercises
  • The last part of each class is a beautiful "Stillness" Qigong practice in sitting posture. This is a guided Qigong practice - Duration 10-15 minutes
  • After class there is 5 - 10 minutes time for questions

More information about our online courses:               

  • After you enrolled and paid, you'll get the link to the monthly session about 20 hours before the class starts.
  • For live classes
    • If you have booked, you'll receive a link to access the recorded class within 18 hours of the session. You'll have access to the recording for four to five weeks and can do the practice as many times as you like.

Live or recorded? For my live and recorded classes, it's up to you whether you join me live! You don't need to specify when booking. Everyone who registers is welcome to the live class and will get access to the recording.

Benefits of attending live:

  • You'll get my personal attention
  • We'll be able to interact – there will be space for questions, before and after the class.
  • You'll still get access to the recording - so you can do the Qigong practice again when you like!

Benefits of receiving the recording:

  • You can still enjoy my classes and continue with your guided Qigong practice, even if you can't make at the scheduled time.

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