In the Inner Alchemy and Qigong retreat dive deep into the world of Qigong. Let the transformational practices get absorbed into your body and mind.

  • Date: 14/11/2024 06:00 PM - 19/11/2024 03:00 PM
  • Location 218 Bamfords Road, Allandale, Canterbury, New Zealand (Map)



The Healing Tao Qigong retreat 2024  starts

on Thursday 14  November at 6pm until Tuesday 19 November 3pm

Take a time-out and recharge. Experience days of vitality, healing, and meditation in the stillness of the surrounding native forest. Our goal is to make the essence of Taoism tangible in all aspects and to provide an inner space for stillness, integration and personal and spiritual growth during these six days.

Themes are:

  • Inner Alchemy: Ascending Channel Qigong - “Creating a strong Centre" and the "Pearl of Excellence”
  • “Meridian Qigong”: the Bridge & Regulator Channel
  • Buddha Palm Qigong (Healing Hands)

Supporting Tao practices on this retreat:  
     - Iron Shirt Qigong promotes correct body structure
    -  I Ching used as a meditation guide
    -  Taoyin stretches tendons, ligaments and muscles

The body opens more and raises consciousness through the practice of Inner Alchemy and Healing Hands Qigong. The inner, outer and emotional alignment becomes stronger and clearer.

Body and breathing exercises, quiet meditation, and exploration of our own healing, innate ability round off every day.

The "Inner Alchemy" Qigong practices and meditations support contentedness and joy in our lives.
Clarity and reflection, which can give deep insights into one's life are described by participants from previous retreats as the outcome of attending the "Inner Alchemy of Qigong".  Giving the process time and staying for a few days can give us a deeper, intimate connection in our hearts.
The three ingredients: Clarity, reflection, and a blossoming heart are steps to changing how we live our lives for the better.

Gabrielle guides you through a natural process of ancient Taoist practices, called "Inner Alchemy":

"Walk with me on the path to bring us into touch with what truly matters." 

Through the Inner Alchemy practice and Healing Hands Qigong the body opens energetic in different ways. Inner, outer and emotional alignment become stronger and clearer.

We develop a natural flexibility and perseverance to liberate the resistance to change. An openness to unlimited possibilities can arise.

“I am looking forward to sharing these "precious jewels" which will feel like a natural process within.”  Gabrielle

The Seminar Fee includes tuition and accommodation for 5 nights in bunk bed rooms. Single rooms are available. Plus catering: Vegetarian , gourmet, mainly organically grown food after the 5-Element nutrition for the 5 1/2 days

Download the flyer here:


HOW TO ENROL: To save your spot on the retreat, pay 50% of the Seminar fee (additional catering fee will apply approx. $285 for 5 days; gluten/dairy free option additional $25 - $50). When you click on APPLY NOW you can pay by bank transfer. Or by PayPal, when you are from overseas. Contact Gabrielle when you have questions or for more info. Payment by installments is possible.