The gemstone Rose quartz brings a deeper connection to your heart and to self-love. Rose quartz emits a gentle, loving nurturing vibration More qualities, which are attributed to Rose quartz: it supposed to be a powerful aphrodisiac and stimulating sensual imagination. It is known as a brilliant crystal for healing emotional or sexual trauma. Only the best for us! These energy eggs are very good quality. It has clearly the rose to lucid color and a high density. The finish is nice smooth. Strengthen your pelvic floor and immune system in your lower abdomen. This exercise improves health and vitality. Wake up the spice of life - your sexuality and connect with sensuality, vividness and joy. If you are single or living in a partnership, this exercise brings a deeper connection to yourself and in case you are in a partnership, it can deepen the intimate connection. These Rose Quartz eggs is specially made for this exercise. A hole is drilled in the egg. It will arrive already stringed either with a plastic string or with dental floss. So you can see, how to floss it for the next time.