These precious jade egg stones are specially made for toning your pelvic floor and to connect with yourself in a loving way Get a healthy tone at your pelvic floor Strengthen your immune system in your lower abdomen Bring balance and health into your sexual organs and life. The exercises help increase blood and lymph flow through your pelvic floor, which in turn increases vitality and resilience to imbalances. It has helped women discover that intercourse is an exceptional experience because of her own ability to pleasure herself from the inside out! These are just a few reasons, why the energy egg exercise is so healing for us Women. Jade egg drilled, ovoid shape, also known as Yoni egg The Jade eggs are different coloured in variations from light green to green. Each egg is unique in its colour and they are carefully handmade shaped. The detailed instructions, how to use the egg, will guide you step by step. The practice strengthens your pelvic floor and can improve your immune system in your lower abdomen in a short time. This exercise tones the pelvic floor, strengthen the muscles around the vagina channel and can stimulate arousable tissues. Generally, it improves health and vitality in a Women's life. These Jade eggs are specially made for this exercise. You can order different sizes or different gemstones and mention it on the page, when you click on order or flick me an email. Your order will be send discreetly. In Christchurch you can pick up your order and you can choose your egg. Contact me, in case you want to see the different gemstones. The drilled Jade Energy egg comes with: a velvet, cotton or silk pouch detailed instructions, how to use it a dental floss or a plastic string a pipe cleaner for the drilled hole Access to 3 video clips with exercises & dental floss use explained (for 3 weeks) Complimentary: The Energy breast massage exercise $52 (large) or $ 58 (large dark) or $49 (medium) or $40 for a small Jade egg (final price plus shipping $5.80 ; for rural delivery add $5.50 surcharge = $11.30) Payment options: by bank transfer within New Zealand or by paypal, where you can pay by credit card (PayPal surcharge applies) FREE SHIPPING* from $80 (for Rural delivery add $5.50 surcharge). Either order 2 different eggs through clicking on the button "order" and mention it order form or flick me an email. You will receive a confirmation email (Tao Motion Shop) with payment instructions. In case you don't receive it, please check your spam folder or contact us Order Use an Energy egg to gain health & personal empowerment This precious exercise will enhance every Women's vitality all eggs are drilled and carefully chosen The Jade egg is for a: woman who wants to feel more empowered about her body and make healthy choices when it comes to intimate relationship woman, who has forgotten that being sexually fulfilled is vital to their well-being woman of any age who is interested in having a life-time of radiant pelvic health along with a greater sense of living at home in her own body and sensual/sexual nature Healing and improvement in the strength and tightness of the vaginal muscle can even restore the virginal health of a woman who has undergone stretching from childbirth or natural aging.