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Join me for a serene and enlightening journey through the Tao of Love and Qigong, where ancient wisdom meets modern mindfulness.

  • Date: 6/04/2024 10:00 AM - 7/04/2024 04:30 PM
  • Location 9 Eveleyn Couzins Avenue, Richmond, Christchurch, New Zealand (Map)
  • More Info: Avebury House


 The Tao of Healing Love practices are one branch of the Healing Tao Qigong system. An essential foundation is to connect deeper with our "heart space". Guiding the sexual energy in our bodies to moisten the heart and allow it to blossom will combine the fire and water within.
I can use it to nurture my spiritual path, and creativity, or share it with someone else.
In this seminar learn how the principles of Taoism can be applied to nurture yourself and your intimate relationship.
Join me for a journey of self-discovery and learn how to bring greater love and connection into your life with the Tao of Love seminar.

The Tao of Healing Love teaches us how to 'cultivate' and direct our sexual energy through simple exercises and meditations. It has a strong basis for connecting the heart with our sexual center and bringing more love into our lives.                                                                   

Connect the Love of your Heart with your Sexual Energy 

Through a series of gentle exercises, meditations and visualizations you can learn how to connect loving energy with your sexuality.

They are positive, powerful tools that can support deepening love in our heart and for couples deepening their love to each other.
The newly arisen life force can be guided into the glands and internal organs. Here it can be transformed into healing, creativity and spiritual energy.

The Tao of Love and Sexuality applies to the most important energies of human kind. They are the basis for vitality, creativity and spirituality.

A special main emphasis is the connection of the sexual energy with the love in the heart. The association, which often comes together with a deep feeling of inner peace, is an important key to fulfilled sexuality, to deepen a relationship and love of oneself.

How to manage your sexual energy and deepen the love to yourself

You will learn the practices:

The Fountain of Youth, The Sexual Energy Massage, Ovarian/Testicle- Breathing, Liberation of the Heart, Emotional Wisdom Qigong and practical hints for the Tao of Love.

The Healing Love practices which may help people who

  • have low sexual energy and wish to restore it
  • have high sexual energy and don’t know how to manage it
  • wish to use their sexual energy to heal their emotional and physical body into our lives
  • wish to have a closer relationship with themselves or/and their partner

This workshop teaches the  ” Tao of Love” exercises, originating from Mantak Chia, Universal Healing Tao, Thailand

The practices and meditations are for women and men of any age, whether single or in a relationship.


Through exercises in standing, sitting and moving postures, we start to open the meridians in the body for a better energy flow. Qigong postures to correct and maintain good structures - in your body, emotions and mind.

Through the exercises we will increase health and expand nourishing life force, reaching each body cell to effect rapid change.

The finest joy in your heart                                                                                         

Find a deep connection with yourself