Rejuvenation Qigong for Women

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Rejuvenation Women's Qigong - beginner online course -
4 x Saturdays 1pm-2.30pm - plus 5 - 10 minutes for questions after the class

Zoom live online class for women starts Saturday 3rd February 2024  - 90 minutes - access to the recording is available until the next class (4-5 weeks). 

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This course takes place the first Saturday of the month, starting 2nd February, 2nd March , 13th April and 4th May 2024 from 1pm - 2.30pm (NZL time). Plus extra time after class for questions. The four classes teach the basics of female Taoist practices and grounding Qigong movements. No prerequisite is required.

This can be the start of your Qigong journey

It is recommended to attend a Tao Qigong basic course.

Tuition fee: NZL $130* (you can enrol for the 1st class for $45* and decide after, if you like to enrol for the whole term) 

  • You will receive an A-4 handout download for each class and you have access to the recording until the next class (4 - 5 weeks). This is perfect when you are missing one class. Or you can circle back and revisit - things you love and things that are confusing.
  • Working with the recording also encourages you to do Qigong every day. E.g. Choose one exercise and practice it every day until the next class (start with 5 minutes). Or you want to go through the exercises at your own pace.

How to enrol or to contact us

 *Tuition fee paid by bank transfer in New Zealand or, when you live overseas pay by Wise. When you pay by PayPal additional transaction fees will apply. You don't need a PayPal account, you pay by Credit Card. Request the tuition fee invoice.

Tao Motion booklet: Tao of female Sexuality is as a download available (pdf file in A4 with 23 pages) $30 or when you book the whole course for $24

More information about the Tao Motion online courses:

How to access the class recording

  • After you enrolled and paid, you'll get the link to the monthly session about 15 hours before the class starts.
  • For live classes
    • If you have booked, you'll receive a link to access the recorded class within 18 hours of the session. You can watch the recording as often as you like.

Live or recorded? For my live and recorded classes, it's up to you whether you join me live! You don't need to specify when booking. Everyone who registers is welcome to the live class and will get access to the recording. Benefits of attending live:

  • You'll get my personal attention
  • We'll be able to interact – there will be space for questions, before and after the class.
  • You'll still get access to the recording - so you can do the Qigong practice again when you like!

Benefits of receiving the recording:

  • You can still enjoy my classes and continue with your guided Qigong practice, even if you can't make it at the scheduled time.

How to pay: The tuition fee is in New Zealand dollars. When you registered, you will get info on how to pay by bank transfer. For overseas students: You can pay by PayPal - additional transaction fees will apply. No PayPal account needed. Cancellation policy before the 1st class: You can move your payment towards another future class before you have received the link to the live class. When you received the link to the 1st class, the tuition fee for the whole course is due. You will receive the link always  36 to 48 hours before the class starts.