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FREE Online Tao Qigong Qigong Live mini workshop on Sat 20th January at 11am

FREE Online Women’s Qigong Live mini workshop on Sat 20th January at 1pm

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Or start with this online FREE mini series: With Tao Qigong through the Seasons

Each season has a different energy ...

... and each season offers different Tao Qigong practices.In Tao Qigong, there are five seasons. They are related to the Five Elements." Get a taste of Qigong through this Online Mini Course.Let me guide you through the "5-Element" Qigong practice.Experience a transformation in health, well-being, and balance."I look forward to seeing you in the course,Gabrielle

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In this Qigong Mini-Series you will find different moving exercises for each season. Learn Qigong step-by-step with videos.