Online Qigong Education

Learn Healing Tao Qigong online - step-by-step:

It was so much fun creating this Qigong online Education Portal. I hope that these videos with lectures, exercises, and meditations will give many people easy access to the wonderful, ancient healing art of Qigong!

When you enrol to this course, you will get access to 37 videos and downloadable handouts for the lifetime of the program including updates.

Qigong Education portal

These ancient self-healing practices support vitality, enhancing inner balance and mental clarity. Experience how to transform negative emotions like stress and anger into life force again. The exercises can dissolve stagnation and blockages in our emotions, bodies, and minds. They support to strengthening the immune system, harmonising the hormone system, and energising and strengthening the bones.

The body already has everything it needs to heal itself; it is only a matter of learning the simple exercises that help us activate this innate energy in us