Get a healthy tone at your pelvic floor with this Jade egg - large size

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Beginner egg - large:  lengths 4,5 cm diameter 3,5 cm $52 plus shipping

Most women will start with the large size. Contact us, when you like to know more about the sizes.

The Jade eggs are different coloured in variations from light green to green. Each egg is unique in its colour and they are carefully handmade shaped. The detailed instructions, how to use the egg, will guide you step by step. The practice strengthens your pelvic floor and can improve your immune system in your lower abdomen in a short time. 

Shipping ONLY in New Zealand

The drilled Jade Energy egg large size comes with:

  • a velvet, cotton or silk pouch 
  • detailed instructions, how to use it 
  • a dental floss or a plastic string
  • a pipe cleaner for the drilled hole
  • Access to 3 video clips with exercises & dental floss use explained (for 3 months)
  • Complimentary: The Energy breast massage exercise