09 Sep

Spring is here! The air smells different, the trees start to blossom. Cold days will show up in the next weeks, but Spring energy is spreading already over the last three weeks. In Qigong, we follow the flow of the seasons and benefit from the healthy rhythm for body and mind.

The Qigong practices change during the year

The element of wood is associated with Spring, a time of birth and new beginnings.

“The wood element refers to living, growing entities: trees, plants and the human body".

The first smell of spring is the suggestion that you are about to emerge out of the gloom. The long dark days are replaced by the crisp, fresh dewy mornings filling you with anticipation of the warmth and sunshine, and the new oxygen that comes from the young shoots and leaves growing around this time of year.

Spring is the time for us to reach outward, develop deeper roots and remain flexible in the wind.

In the body, that means paying attention to your spine, limbs and joints, as well as muscles, ligaments and tendons. It also means paying attention to your liver, which works to detoxify the blood and make bile to help metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

The daily warm up exercises for spring which are aimed at balancing the body by stretching the muscles, loosen the joints and vertebrae, release physical tensions, whilst stimulating the circulation, activating the endocrine system and opening up the energy channels.

 This establishes a strong foundation for your health and vitality. In the Qigong class you will find practices to balance the liver and gallbladder energy and to detoxify them.A good stretch opens the Liver meridian and increases energy flow.

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