Qigong / Tai Chi

The Qigong class in Oxford is Fridays from 9.45-10.45am

SPECIAL tuition fee for your very first Qigong class with Gabrielle $10

Tuition fee: $100 for the term (8-classes) or $18 casual

You can start anytime. 

Learn the flow of the "Swimming Dragon".
This form of Qigong activates the metabolism and is perfect for Early Summer.
Qigong is for anyone who wants to move with greater strength, grace, and ease.
Here are some benefits of practicing Qigong and Tai Chi:

🌀... Create good body structure, posture, and physical stability

🌀... Improve bone density

🌀... Improve and increase energy levels

🌀... Improve mental agility and concentration

🌀... Improve breathing patterns

Qigong is an art of gentle exercise composed of movements or stillness of centering inwardly.

One-Day Qigong seminar in Oxford on Sunday 22nd September 10am - 4.30pm  Read more about the seminar:
Through the natural, unrestricted postures the meridians or energy channels open more, so the life force "Qi" can circulate freely and increase. 

This is the basis of vitality, health and joy of life. With daily practice your body will become more supple, conscious and your movements graceful.

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