Qigong in Christchurch

Monthly class in Hillsborough, Christchurch

Learn the Basic of the Healing Tao Qigong in an easy and joyful way. Exercises in standing, sitting and moving postures.

SPECIAL: $10 for your first class*
 The Tuesday Qigong class starts at 10.15am- 11.35am - duration 80 minutes

The next class is on Tuesday 14th May (Qigong for Autumn)

Each season has different exercises. Here an example:

Spring is the time for us to reach outward, develop deeper roots and remain flexible in the wind

Learn the beautiful movements of "Green Dragon" Qigong. To Spring belongs liver, gall bladder, tendons and the windows are the eyes. The movements are in a soft, flowing rhythm, which can improve the respiratory, blood circulation and vitality. The tendons, fascia, ligaments and muscles get massaged and the breath gets deeper.

The liver system is all about smooth flow

Balanced Liver function ensures the flow of blood back to the physical organ during rest and to the muscles and tissues during activity.

The ancient classics,  describe the Liver as “The root of stopping all extremes”. So wherever or whenever there is an excess or deficiency of Qi, blood or emotion, it’s the Liver’s job to smooth things out.

The Tuesday morning class will take place once a month.

The next classes: Tuesdays 14th May, 11th June , 9th July, 13th August , 10th September 2024

Booking is essential

Qigong combines the energy work of Chinese Medicine with physical movements and meditative relaxation. Beginner and medium level class.

Tuition fee (80 minutes): 4 weeks for $80** or $24 casual; * $10 for your 1st class with Gabrielle

How to enrol or to contact us