One-on-one tuition & coaching

Working individually will bring us quicker to the results we are looking for

Specifically chosen themes in private individual sessions for one or two persons.

Reasons, why you want a one-on-one session:

  • You like to get an assessment - What exercises are working most beneficial for you?
  • You have health issues, low energy or you just want to improve your quality of life. 
  • You look for personal advice, how to start Qigong.
  • You might have specific questions

Before the first session:

  • Send by email what you'd like to achieve, or which exercises you would like to learn

The first session comes with an assessment of 5 - 10 minutes before the actual session starts.

After the first session you will know:

  • How many sessions you do require to get results
  • Which Qigong practices you do need to focus on
  • Which exercises or practices will support your goal
  • Which goal you can achieve in what time frame
  • We make a plan which works for you

TWO option for a personal session with Gabrielle:

  1. 1-on-1 session in person
  2. 1-on-1 session via zoom (includes downloadable recording)

One-to-one lessons to refine your Qigong postures, Tai Chi practice or Yoga practices:

In case you practice Tai Chi, Yoga or Qigong for a while, it is very good to get personal feedback. Even when you attend other classes, Gabrielle can give you an assessment.

 You will receive a couple of A4 handout pages to continue at home on your own. In each in-person class (except Yoga Fitness workout) everyone will receive posture refinements. In this regard a private session will improve personal development tremendously. To make a booking please contact Gabrielle

Gabrielle has more than 40 years experience in Medical Qigong, Yoga and Tai Chi. She is a health coach for more than 30 years. Working individual will bring us quicker to the results we are looking for.

One session can give lots of answers to your questions or problems. A personal assessment is a good start before you want to continue with a weekly class.

Pricing for 1-on-1 tuition in person: One hour $180 (includes Initial consultation before we start; about 8 minutes extra), next session $150 or 30 minutes $120 (includes Initial consultation of about 5 minutes, before we start), next session $110. 

Pricing for teaching a group up to 4 people or organise a group of 7 and more: Request the pricing

One-on-One sessions for Women:

  1. when you have problems with your menstruation or menopause
  2. when you want to get pregnant
  3. your metabolism is not in balance
  4. digestion problems
  5. and other Women's issues ....

Pricing please see above: One-on-one tuition in person or below via zoom

One to One Zoom sessions                      

If you do not live in Christchurch, you can still learn with Gabrielle via Zoom online. Anywhere you are, and you have internet access, you can learn these ancient practices individually.

Your one-to-one online session can be recorded for you. So you can watch it again at your own pace. Or circle back and revisit the exercises from your 1-on-1 session, as often as you like.

Pricing for online Zoom sessions: One hour $230 (includes Initial consultation of 8 minutes before the 1st class) or 30 minutes $160 (includes Initial consultation of 8 minutes before the 1st class only). All prices are NZ$. You will receive the session as a recording. You can pay by bank transfer or in case you are not living in New Zealand, you can pay by PayPal (Additional transaction fee will apply for PayPal).  

Contact Gabrielle (click here) and describe, what you like to learn. Or in case Qigong is new, write down what outcome you like to get with your personal session or what you want to improve in life (e.g. more vitality ...).