The Secret of the Inner Smile (Basic CD 1)

The Secret of the Inner Smile (Basic CD 1)

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This meditation is easy to learn using this CD. The Inner Smile teaches us to energize and relax at the same time.
The Inner Smile - By making a connection with the major glands in our brain, we are able to energize this area within seconds, and expand healing energy throughout the body, reaching each body cell to effect rapid change. The Inner Smile is the opening key to communicate with ourselves through feelings. Anyone seeking emotional health will benefit from these enormously practical teachings.
Learn this energy enhancement exercise for reducing stress and for deeply relaxing body and mind. Features: Spoken word/ nature sounds as background (Australian rainforest)

Suitable for: Relaxation/ Vitalization/ Inspiration

You can sit in a meditation posture or just lay down.

Detailed explanation with five different exercises with Gabrielle Euteneuer. Little Booklet enclosed.

Total Time 55:03 

  1. Benefits of the Inner Smile Meditation
  2. Preparation for the Meditation
  3. Rejuvenation Massage - Explanation
  4. Creating the Source of your Inner Smile
  5. Meditation1 - The Front Line Smile
  6. Meditation2 - The Middle & Back Line Smile
  7. Meditation 3 - Collecting your Energy
  8. Rejuvenation Massage

"To experience the Inner Smile meditation the first time, to me, it was like "coming home"; to connect with my body and myself in a special way. A smiling way, which has the capacity to open doors in my country....It's a miracle. I am happy to guide you through this journey in yourself." Gabrielle Euteneuer

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