Tai Chi Qigong moderate and advanced level (DVD 2)

Tai Chi Qigong moderate and advanced level (DVD 2)

The Inner and outer Structure

Yang Style originated from Meister Mantak Chia

Next step after DVD 1: for Beginners
Sequence of movements explained in details from and with Gabrielle Euteneuer


  1. Preliminary Exercises      14:00
  2. The Whip         04:10
  3. The Transition          02:06
  4. The Large Transition            02:37
  5. Second Part (Mirrored)            07:21
  6. Tai Chi Qigong (Complete Form)       11:52
  7. Preview of Tai Chi Form by Master M. Chia      04:54
  8. Tai Chi Chi Kung (Different Version)        03:31

                                                        Total:    50:21 minutes

 "I love the warm up exercises on the DVD. Now I have a routine in my daily practice which I really enjoy. I only attended a two day Tai Chi Qigong class and with this DVD I really can continue to go through the movements." Sarah, Auckland

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