Rose quartz Energy Egg for women

Rose quartz Energy Egg for women

Rose Quartz egg drilled, ovoid shape

Strengthen your pelvic floor and immune system in your lower abdomen. This exercise improves health and vitality. Wake up the spice of life -  your sexuality and connect with sensuality, vividness and joy. If you are single or living in a partnership, this exercise brings a deeper connection to yourself and in case you are in a partnership, it can deepen the intimate connection.

The Rose Quartz egg is specially made for this exercise. A hole is drilled in the egg. Stringing your egg for the exercise: Fold a piece of dental floss (40cm) in half, thread the folded end of the string, through the hole in the egg; thread the open ends of the string, through the folded half and tighten around the egg with a knot. Move the string around until the egg hangs with the larger end pointing down. Now the egg is ready for the exercise.
The gemstone Rose quartz brings a deeper connection to your heart and love yourself.

It comes in a silk pouch and with detailed instructions, how to use it. You can choose from 2 sizes:
Beginner egg:  lengths 4,5 cm diameter 3,5 cm
or more advanced (more difficult to hold):
lengths 4 cm diameter 3 cm  (measurements only approx. )


NZD 45,00*

*final price plus dispatch 5.00 NZD