Qi Gong/Tai Chi for Beginners (DVD 1)

Qi Gong/Tai Chi for Beginners (DVD 1)

The Eight Golden Brocades and the Tai Chi sequence "Inner Harmony"

This TAO MOTION DVD is for anyone who wants to move with greater strength, grace, and ease. It trains balance and body awareness, and focuses the mind. Learn "The Eight Golden Brocades" an ancient Qi Gong practice - Eight different movements will open the whole meridian system. The sequence rejuvenates the internal organs and strengthens softly tendons, bones and muscles. You will learn a small sequence of Tai Chi Chi Kung (originated by Master Chia, Universal Tao, Thailand), called "The Inner Harmony". In detail explained and easy to follow. With Gabrielle Euteneuer, Senior Instructor and Tai Chi Teacher since 20 years. DVD is made by Tao Motion in New Zealand.


  1. Qi Gong - The Eight Golden Brocades      17:52
  2. Tai Chi Chuan - Inner Harmony Complete        04:36
  3. Inner Harmony – Part One            06:01
  4. Inner Harmony – Part Two            05:02
  5. The Finish of Inner Harmony         01:14
  6. The Body Structure                01:53
  7. Preview of Tai Chi Qi Gong Form by Master Mantak Chia     04:54

                                                Total: 41:52 minutes

Created and produced by Henning und Thorsten Schmidt, New Zealand 2006

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