Tao Qigong - the foundation of the Universal Healing Tao System

Tao Qigong (Tao Basisübungen) - auch bekannt als Tao Yoga des Heilens
Activate your self healing energy

Gain lifelong vitality

Tao Qigong (Tao Basisübungen) - auch bekannt als Tao Yoga des Heilens
Learn Qigong in a natural, joyful way
Tao Qigong (Tao Basisübungen) - auch bekannt als Tao Yoga des Heilens
Qigong for everyone

When you practice and learn a Qigong movement, there are both external movements and internal movements. These internal movements make Qigong a superior health and wellness practice. The internal movements also differentiate Qigong from almost every other form of exercise in the West.

Qigong combines the energy work of Chinese Medicine with physical movements and meditative relaxation. You can start learning these enjoyable, gentle exercises from young age to 90+ :

  • to prevent and heal illnesses and injuries
  • boost athletic and intellectual performance
  • slow or reverse the degeneration of aging
  • deeply relax the body and mind
  • reduce stress

Postures are moving or stationary, both standing and sitting for physical health, balanced emotions and mental clarity. 

These exercises have been used for over 2,000 years as part of the Dao. Anyone seeking stamina, strong vitality and a sense of well being will benefit from these enormously practical teachings.

Learning Qigong can help you feel, move and work with energy in your body. It is a powerful way to become more fully alive and conscious.

Tao Qigong (Tao Basisübungen) - auch bekannt als Tao Yoga des Heilens
Energize with Qigong
Tao Qigong (Tao Basisübungen) - auch bekannt als Tao Yoga des Heilens
Relax with the Inner Smile

Gain lifelong Vitality

Learn the introductory level of the Universal Tao (Mantak Chia):


  1. The Inner Smile - By making a connection with the major glands in our brain, we are able to energize this area within seconds, and expand healing energy throughout the body, reaching each body cell to effect rapid change. The Inner Smile is the opening key to communicate with ourselves through feelings.
  2. Emotional Wisdom - Daily Tools for transforming negative emotions into life force again. The Six Healing Sounds - influence the energy flow in the basic, internal organs. A simple and effective tool to transform negative emotions held throughout the body into life force once again. The sounds detoxify internal organs and revitalize the body cells.
  3. The Orbit of Vitality - (The Cosmic Orbit) - Learn in an easy way to move energy in a circular path up the spine and down the front of the body, connecting with the acupuncture meridians, to bring sustained health and vitality. Check the article " The Orbit of Vitality".
  4. Tao Breathing and Stretching exercises - will improve circulation of energy.  They will keep your spine, ligaments and tendons strong and flexible.
  5. Structural alignment I - Embracing The Tree and The Golden Turtle and The Golden Water buffalo postures - are fantastic for correcting and maintaining good posture. These exercises detoxify the kidneys and activate a good energy and blood circulation. They will energize and relax the lumber area and the lower back.
»Qigong for the season: Autumn«
Wednesday, 19th March 2014 - Wednesday, 28th May 2014
Zendo, Hillsborough, Christchurch
Wednesdays 6.10-7.10pm Ongoing class: A Body & Mind workout that leaves you long, strong, calm and centered. Feel balanced. $95 for the 7 sessions or $16 casual. Booking is essential; You can join anytime.
»Gain lifelong vitality - Emotional Wisdom«
Saturday, 03th May 2014
Nova Montessori School, New Brighton, Christchurch
Sat 1-4pm Learn the foundation of Tao Qigong in moving, standing & sitting posture. Enhance your vitality and balance your emotions. The Inner Smile & Emotional Wisdom $50 ($35 for community cardholders). Request the flyer or download here.

Weekend 3rd & 4th May


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»Peaceful Heart / Relaxed Spine«
Tuesday, 18th March 2014 - Tuesday, 27th May 2014
Zendo, Hillsborough, Christchurch
Ongoing morning class: Learn the Basic of the Healing Tao Qigong in an easy & joyful way. Exercises in standing, sitting and moving postures. 9.15-10.15 am - $16 casual or 7 sessions for $95 in advance. Beginner & medium level class. You can join anytime. Booking is essential contact:tao(at)taomotion.com