Abdominal Healing Massage

is an ancient form of detoxifying, energizing, abdominal massage. Chi Nei Tsang means “working with the energy of the internal organs”.

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The Dao follows the natural flow in Life

DAO- der Weg der Natur und Natürlichkeit
DAO - the path of nature

Themes are self-healing, increased vitality and refined awareness. Spontaneous, mental development will get the right breeding ground. These easy to learn exercises can support us in our everyday life.

Three steps in taoist practice:

  1. In the beginning practices the goal is to bring body and mind in balance, and to open the heart. We connect deeply with our physical body and our ability to feel and be fully conscious of whatever sensations are inside our body. - To heal oneself gives us the ideal base for advanced level of the practices. More information under Body & Mind and Tao Qigong.
  2. The intermediate practices refine and multiply our energy and give space for higher frequencies in our emotional body. More information: Iron Shirt Qigong, Bonemarrow Qigong, Wisdom Qigong and Tao of Sexuality.
  3. The next step is the Inner Alchemy - to connect with the true inner self in you.

These three steps, founded from the Universal Tao, Mantak Chia, are great to prepare for just "Relaxing in our Being": I like to call it the True DAO, which has nothing to do with "us" as beings. Where there is no "Me" or "You", nothing more to achieve, no right or wrong or to accomplish, but just energy. 

Tao Motion, founded by Gabrielle Euteneuer, has it roots in the DAO (=Tao). All the exercises, ideas, practices and meditations are deeply connected with the natural flow of life, which is always changing. Tao Motion workshops and retreats have more and more the focus on "letting go",  and "relaxing into our self", than guiding the energy with our mind, like explained in the first three steps of the Dao.

DAO - The Path of Nature

DAO- der Weg der Natur und Natürlichkeit
Laozi carved in stone
DAO- der Weg der Natur und Natürlichkeit
Ancient drawing of yin - yang

The Roots of Daoism

Daoism (Taoism) is a living philosophy to nurture creativity, harmony and spiritual growth in humanity. It has it`s roots in Ancient China, thousand of years ago. Laozi (Laotse) is traditionally regarded as the founder of Daoism, intimately connected with the Daodejing and "primordial" (or "original") Daoism. Daodejing (Tao Te Ching) is an ancient chinese book, a spiritual masterpiece, written about 2500 years ago. The DAO can also be translated in "The Great Integrity", that is the return to holism, honesty and creativity; our harmony with each other, with the environment and indeed within ourselves.

In the last century Daoism came to western countries. So, people from different cultures took part in developing the practices, suited to our nowadays needs and lifestyle. Taoist energy exercises enables you to complete the harmonious evolution of body, mind and spirit.

Daoist exercises enable the harmonious development of body, mind and spirit to fulfill. Through these practices we learn to take the full personal responsibility for our own bodily, emotionally and spiritual well being.

About 30 years ago when Master Mantak Chia, started to write books about the secret exercises for the majority in the West, he set the ball rolling. Nowadays many people all over the world benefit from this ancient wisdom.